Terms of service

Terms of Service

We like keeping everything simple, the following points should be enough to summarize our terms and conditions. All the rest is left to common sense, professional integrity and the existence of a black list for incorrect behaviors.

  1. A booking is confirmed when booked and paid on our website or when we formally confirm it by email (in case of phone, email or other type of arrabgement).
  2. The payment of any service will be performed at the date of booking.
  3. Payments are mainly made online via our STRIPE account. Only if for any reason this isn’t possible we’ll propose an alternative:
    1. bank transfer: note that (1) all charges must be charged to the buyer, i.e. *you* and (2) you have to foresee a delay of one week for the payment to be completed and visible from us 10 days in advance.
    2. cash.
  4. A cancellation will be made for any service cancelled by email or form up to 4 days prior the service date. The refund will be made with the same method used for your payment considering that if charges should be added by the Payment Gateway these will be completely on the client. For bank transfers the refunds charges will be 100% on the client.
  5. Any cancellation not respecting the terms at point 4 will be considered no-shows and fully charged. No refund will be due.

The general rule is that no unpaid service will be provided.