Restaurant #1


Just to show you how trustworthy the suggestions of this page are, I waited until now to insert our own restaurant, named tɛrra like to cooking school.
This restaurant is everything we ever wanted to create, and what we eat here is everything we would like to eat when we travel: loving so much good food we wanted to interpret the local cuisine stretching to the limit the intensity of flavors using both traditional and modern techniques.
The result? A short and well balanced menu changing with the seasons, with an interesting offer of antipasti that are perfect for a long aperitif as much as they are good to start a dinner. I won’t say anything as ugly as “Piedmont’s tapas”, but antipasti can be used the same way. Ola!

Being placed in the very center of Langhe, just outside Alba, we couldn’t forget to offer a wide and interesting wine list with traditional and modern wines, with great attention to our selection of nebbiolo, barbaresco, barolo and many others.

The setting is informally elegant, meaning we didn’t buy our furniture at Ikea and that we like having relaxed people enjoying the nice atmosphere of our dining-room.
In spring, summer and early autumn the panoramic terrace becomes the living-room of the small village of Roddi.

At the time I’m writing this post we still don’t have a website for the restaurant, but you can inquire by calling us at +39.(0)11.3188224.
The address is the same of the cooking school, Castello di Roddi.

Michelin Guide where are you
? The address in Via Carlo Alberto 15, Roddi. We’d like a little bib gourmand, just for the pleasure of being considered interesting!

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