General Questions

Absolutely yes. tɛrra is just a few minutes away by car or bus from the centre of Alba.
Have a look on google maps

We decided to work this way: during some days we guarantee that a cooking class will take place even for just one person.
During all the other days of the week we can organize cooking classes on request for groups of at least 8 people.

This is definitely possible if your clients are enough to hire the whole structure (normaly 12 to 14 persons).

For clients that you book for a shared cooking class you can think of proposing some kind of personalization (VIP transfer, kitchen book or tool, …), but unfortunately we cannot help you.

Of course we do: we structured our classes to be active on calendar based days of the week without the need to reach a minimum number of participants.

You can book a class for a couple of clients months in advance knowing that the service will take place..

Absolutely yes, you can copy them from our website or contact us to have a hi-res version.

The only thing that we ask is that you send us links to the pages of your website where our pics are published.

Location & Accessibility
tɛrra is located inside the Roddi Castle, a magnificent building recently renovated. More information on this page of our website.

The restaurant is fully accessible, without any obstacle.

For the cooking class unfortunately access by elevator will be available by the end of 2017, the works being still under way.

Parking is absolutely easy and without any risk of finding all the places occupied. Please refer to this page for more details. Also coaches of any size won’t have problems.

Not at all!

Roddi is just outside Alba, which will probably be the center of your activities.
Getting to Roddi is really easy both by car, coach or taxi.
Please refer to this page for more details.

Cooking Classes

Absolutely yes. We know that people want to cook and that learn by doing is the best teaching method.
Actually all the participants do everything from scratch, they don’t just alternate stirring something into a pan.
Since I know how cooking classes usually are, please let me undeline this: everybody does everything, they don’t just alternate stirring something into a pan.

Because this is a choice that allows tɛrra to provide a service of flawless quality and steady over time.
Hiring external chefs (or old ladies) is not what we consider working seriously.

No. We decided to invest in the quality of our services thus we have a beautiful classroom with custom stainless steel stations each equipped with induction hob, oven, sink and working space.

Just for information using a restaurant kitchen to organize cooking courses for amateurs in Italy can bring to big and expensive problems with the public sanitary control service. This is a solution that we strongly discourage.

Cooking in private houses can be charming, but since the equipment and space is normally “regular” the participants will be much less involved in the activity (i.e. looking rather than cooking: see first question of this section).

We have 7 stations fully equipped for 2 persons each.
The maximum number of participants is 14.
Larger groups can be split so that a half attends a cooking class while the other half attends a Wine Tasting Experience.
At the end they will swap so that everybody has the chance to participate to both activities.
This option is available for groups only, please inquire.

During the cooking class everybody eats what he prepared.
Since usually a full menu is prepared the cooking class is also a meal.

Always 2 chefs are present: the executive shows how the recipe has to be prepared, then both of them go around helping everybody in the preparation.
There’s also a person taking care of the cleaning and washing-up.

The price of any of our cooking classes for individuals are published here.

Professional operators will have a net price on that, please contact us to know the conditions for professionals.

It took us years to be recognized as the “Internationale Alba White Truffle Cooking School“, thus we like being coherent: there’s always truffle in our classes.

The type of truffle depends on the season.

Our top selling service, named “Terra di Langa”, lasts 3 hours.

Bookings, Payments and Cancellations

Usually we ask for a downpayment to confirm your booking. The settlement can be paid on-site the day of the cooking class by credit card (VISA and Mastercard) or cash.

VISA, Mastercard, cash and bank transfers.
Refer to our “terms of service” statement, see above, for details.

Please refer to our “terms of service” statement, see above.

If places are available we’ll be happy to change your booking as per your request at no additional cost.

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