Alba Italy Tourism and things to do

Terra Academy is involved in making interesting the experience of tourists visiting the Langhe and Alba.
As operators strongly linked to the territory we are in continuous contact with the Alba Tourist Board, with most
hotels in Alba , with the restaurateurs and everyone working in Alba and in the Langhe.
The Langhe are a fantastic tourist destination because they allow you to cultivate your interests and live an experience in a part of Italy not yet conditioned by mass tourism.
Here you can still see the real Italy, the farmers who leave for work in the morning on the tractor and who gather in the evening at the bar in the village square. People live, work, eat, drink and have a life even without tourists. Life here is still like it used to be.

So visiting Alba is beautiful.

But Alba for tourism is not Disneyland. Here the focus is on wine and food. Once the tourist has visited 5 winemakers and dined in the best restaurants, he begins to wonder what else there is to do.
And when you are already on the spot, troublre starts: golf yes, but only 9-hole courses without a big blazon; city ​​ok, but Alba is small and to visit Turin or Milan you need a car; bike
sure, but when you realize the amount of hills you could change your mind.

Fortunately there is the possibility of attending our cooking class and cook with us with the Alba white truffle, and modestly I tell you that a half day spent in our castle cooking is time well spent.

Notheless things to do in Alba and in the Langhe are many, the only precaution is to prepare yourselves in time, read and inquire.
My suggestion is to plan well your holiday in the Langhe and in Alba and to consult the Alba Tourist Board website
If you are already at your hotel and ideas are in short supply, ask for some tips from the concierge, you may be pleasantly surprised by ideas that you had not considered.

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